NAAC Documents

Extended Profile

2.2 State Govt. rules for Reservation
3.2 Teachers Sanctioned list
4.1 Geotag Photographs of Classrooms and Seminar Halls

Criterion I: - Curricular Aspects

1.1.2 Certificate/diploma program
1.2.1 New courses introduced
1.2.2 Syllabus for Elective course
1.2.3 Students enrolled in subject related Certificate/ Diploma /Add-on programs
1.3.1 Institution integrates cross cutting issues relevant to Gender, Environment and Sustainability, Human Values and Professional Ethics into the Curriculum
1.3.3 Students undertaking field projects / internships

Criterion II: - Teaching Learning and Evaluation

2.1.1 Students from other state
2.3.2 e-learning Resources
2.4.2 Full Times Teacher with Ph. D.
2.4.4 & 3.3.2 Teachers who receive state, national and international recognition and awards

Criterion III: - Research, Innovations and Extension

3.2.2 Workshops Seminars Conducted Ph. D. Awarded Letter of Research Guide
3.3.5 Books and chapters in edited volumes books published
3.5.1 Linkages for faculty exchange, student exchange, internship
3.5.2 Functional MoUs with ongoing activities

Criterion IV: - Infrastructure and Learning Resources


Criterion V: - Student Support and Progression

5.1.1 Students Benefited by Scholarships and Freeships
5.2.3 Students qualifying in State and National level examinations
5.3.1 Awards medals for outstanding performance in Sports and Cultural activities
5.3.3 Sports and Cultural activities

Criterion VI: - Governance, Leadership and Management


Criterion VII: - Institutional Values and Best Practices

7.1.12 Code of conduct for students
7.1.13 Core values in the institution



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